Services & Fees

Our base rate of $45.00 per hour, with a three (3) hour minimum, covers the following:

We will analyze your project, complete the research, arrive at a conclusion, provide copies of relevant documents with full source citations, and document reports describing our findings including the basis for our conclusions.

Because records research is often unpredictable we cannot guarantee positive results with every search, but please be assured we will do everything we can to find what is available. Your input is directly related to our preparation and research. By returning a very complete and organized Client Packet you will limit time spent in preparation.


Five ($225) hours of research for limited information will include, but is not limited to, preparation, travel time, searching for and obtaining available records, analyzing data found and writing the reports. This plan works well for searches in one location for possibly one family group.

Nine hours ($405) allows for more extensive research, possibly probate, wills, and/or land and tax records, including research described for five hours.

More Extensive Research - 4 Generations, 6 Generations, or ?:

Generational projects take a bit longer but often provide more extensive information. Our fee for researching 4 generations, back to your great, great, grandparents is $495.

Our fee for research through 6 generations is $1100.

Each generation doubles the number of individuals being researched.

Because each project is unique we will analyze first and then recommend a research method that is best for you.

We will use all resources necessary, such as cemetery records, funeral homes, historical societies, libraries, vital records offices, etc in the attempt to complete your research project. Before incurring additional time we will consult with you as to how extensive, and expensive, you wish your project to become.

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